For everyone interested in Homoeoprophylaxis:

If you are not a practitioner – homeopath or otherwise – and would like to know more about Homeoprophylaxis (“HP”), you are welcome to take part in an HP webinar!

Presented by the founder and president of HPWWC, Cathy Lemmon, these take place regularly

We are looking forward to sharing this information with you!


If you are a practitioner wanting to add HP to your practise, please understand it is your individual responsibility to attend these courses and obtain the certificate/s of completion. 

To become affiliated with HPWWC, we ask that you provide a copy of this/these certificate/s to HPWWC (Admin AT HPWWC.org) as part of becoming an affiliate of HPWWC.

​Thank you!

Training in Homoeoprophylaxis

by Dr. Isaac Golden


This course faces one of the most difficult of all health decisions that most new parents have to face – how best to protect their child against potentially serious infectious diseases. The reason why it is a difficult decision is firstly because there is no perfect option available, and secondly because there is a considerable amount of misinformation about immunisation options both from orthodox health authorities and from some opponents of vaccination.  The free course will look at some important questions Isaac has often been asked based on his practice over the last 30 years, including:

What is Homoeopathic Immunisation and is it safe?
Is Homoeopathic Immunisation effective?
Is there any evidence ?

 For the free online parents’ course, visit:

Immunisation – Your Child, Your Choice

Or for a more in-depth online parents’ course, visit: 

Homoeopathic Immunisation For Your Child

For the practitioner interested in learning more about homoeoprophylaxis, here is a link for a free introductory course:

All You Wanted To Know About Practicing Homoeoprophylaxis

Here, also, is an advanced course, designed to accompany and add to Dr. Golden’s Complete Practitioners’ Course to help towards a more complete understanding of homoeoprophylaxis:

The Complete Practitioners’ Course in Homoeoprophylaxis

Phase II Training – Putting HP Into Practice​

The additional step beyond learning the principles of Homoeoprophylaxis is knowing how to put it into your individual practise.  This can vary country by country and often region by region.

To help with this next and very vital stage of effectively implementing HP into your practise, we are offering Phase II training. 

What is covered includes:

• Information on how to access HP kits and handbooks
• Information on proper record keeping, release forms, and documentation to provide clientele (including forms for daycare/schools, declaration of HP for travel)
• Clientele FAQs
• Understanding of homeopathic philosophy as it applies to addressing acute illness and responses to homeoprophylaxis.
• Assessments for HP clientele – readiness for HP
• Support for practitioners (email list) and clientele (email list and social media contact)
• As requested,: 
     – lists of doctors friendly toward immunisation choice
     – studies verifying effectiveness of HP
     – more supportive information, as needed
• Information on HP outreach for increasing local clientele
• Understanding of HPWWC (Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice) and how being involved with this will help further ensure the establishment of HP as an accepted immunisation alternative

Additionally, you will receive:
• Ongoing support, consultation as needed as HP becomes established in your practise
• Information about ongoing research into HP and research projects in HP happening in the USA that you/your clientele can be part of

Please email for more information and to register for this: Admin@HPWWC.org