Andreas Bachmair

Andreas Bachmair is a classical homeopath and naturopathic practitioner with a practice in Kreuzlingen by the Bodensee in Switzerland. The focus of his work for over 15 years has been the treatment of vaccine-related injuries. This led him to create the website www.impfschaden. info to educate people about the dangers of vaccination. 9 years ago, was translated into English and can be accessed at www.vaccineinjury. info. With over 22,000 participants worldwide – one of the largest studies to document the health of unvaccinated children – this study is currently underway on these two websites. He is the author and publisher of several books critical of vaccinations: “Vaccine-Free”,  “Sarah does not want to be vaccinated”, “Leitfaden zur Impfentscheidung” and “Risiko und Nebenwirkung Impfschaden”. (The latter two are unfortunately not yet available in English.​)


Andreas Bachmair will be presenting the results of his survey on the state of health of unvaccinated children. His survey shows that unvaccinated children have far better health than vaccinated children. In his speech he will also address the importance of several childhood diseases, the impact of vaccines on the immune system, and the epidemic rise of chronic diseases in the last six decades. ​