Carola Lage-Roy

Early in her life, Carola Lage-Roy, from Germany, found a fascination with the gentle, simple, and economical possibilities found in the natural healing arts.  And so she decided to pursue a three-year training to become a Heilpraktikerin, or a naturopath.  When she was 25, she began her homeopathic practise, which also included work with flower essences.  She began studying Bach Flowers from her husband, Ravi Roy, who completed his formal homeopathic studies in India, but then had moved to Germany, homeopathy’s native land, where he has also been able to study homeopathy to a depth that has not been reached for a very long time.

Inspired by the flower essences of Dr. Bach, since 1997 Carola has studied further into essences that could benefit the current problems facing mankind as well as animals—especially concerning the effects of vaccinations. These essences she has discovered work on the energy centers known, in Sanskrit, as Chakras.  She calls these Chakra Flowers, and the results have exceeded all her wishes and expectations.  She sees these as a Divine gift for mankind, and knows these will help any who would be open to it.  She considers her discovery of Chakra flowers to be a gift. 

It is her heart’s desire, to spread the knowledge and appreciation of homeopathy.  Since the opening of her practise, she has been offering lectures and seminars about homeopathy, Bach Flowers, and the method of infectious disease prevention known has homeopathic prophylaxis, which has been used with great success for more than 200 years.  

Research into vaccine damage, diseases resulting from vaccine use, treatment options for these, and the provings of homeopathic remedies are areas of special interest for Carola. 

In 1990, she and her husband began Lage & Roy Publishing and have published more than 30 books about homeopathic possibilities for self-healing.  They also publish a German-language homeopathic magazine, Surya, and have published homeopathic works by other authors.