Tom Jansen

Ton Jansen has worked tirelessly for 30 years to achieve quick, to achieve quick, gentle, and lasting cures for his patients.  He has learned that homeopathy must adapt to the changing and increasingly toxic world around us. Ultimately, no one can argue with the clear, clinical results he has been having. 


Having developed a method of Homeopathic Detox and Human Chemistry which he has been successfully using, Ton will show what can happen in a lifetime that will cause an unbalance in health.  He takes into consideration toxins, vaccines, and many other substances and influences.  During his presentation, Ton demonstrated the results of his method with cases of vaccine damage.

Ton’s method is not only Homeopathic Detox.  He also works with 
•    miasmatic remedies, 
•    constitutional remedies, 
•    organ support remedies, 
•    balance remedies
•    remedy to open the case
•    vitamins and minerals
•    diet
•    and the body’s own substances (eg. hormones etc.) in homeopathic dilutions. 

The fundamental idea Ton has found is this: listen to the request for help. There is the energy, there is what you can treat.