Jayne Donegan

Dr  Jayne Donegan trained as a conventional doctor, qualifying in medicine from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, University of London in 1983.

She trained in Accident & Emergency, Orthopaedics & Trauma, Paediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care, Obstetrics & Gynaecology,  ENT, Dermatology and General Medicine. She gained postgraduate qualifications in Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and General Practice before becoming a Family Doctor. In 1990 she began to study homeopathy and is currently a practising Homeopathic Physician and a Specialist on the Faculty of Homoeopathy Register.
Her research interests include the history of medicine and its complementary branches, disease ecology, and immunisation.

Dr Donegan works in the NHS as a freelance GP, running a private practice in North London where she combines astute diagnostic skills with a holistic and common sense approach that incorporates homeopathy and naturopathy, in addition to exploring dietary and lifestyle issues. She is currently the only doctor in the UK whose opinion on vaccination has been tested in extensive UK legal proceedings and found to be valid, based on sound research and peer reviewed medical literature ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. Or in the new parlance, ‘sure’.

She keeps chickens and other animals and home educated her children to GCSE level. When she has any spare time, she likes walking, camping, gardening and singing and has recently taken up canal restoration.



In 2002 Dr Jayne Donegan acted as an expert witness for two mother who had not vaccinated their children, in a court case brought by two absent fathers who were applying an order to force vaccination against the mothers’ wishes. The mothers lost their case in 2002 and their Appeal in 2003. One of the the Appeal Judges Lord Justice Sedley, described Dr Donegan’s evidence as ‘Junk Science.’ This resulted in the General Medical Council, UK, accusing her of Serious Professional Misconduct the following year, with the aim of striking her off the Medical Register and stripping her of her licence to practice. It took three long years to bring her case to a hearing, lasting three weeks in 2007, at which she was, contrary to expectations, completely exonerated.

Dr Donegan described her case, her defence organisation’s advice that it was indefensible, plea bargaining with the GMC to keep her licence if she admitted all the charges – she refused – which lead to her legal team withdrawing all their services six weeks before the hearing, having to find her own lawyer, build a new team, construct a new case and the result.

She also briefly described her experience with homeoprophylaxis in her UK practice.