A Worldwide Choice
for Disease Prevention

HPWWC is a rapidly growing non-profit (501c3) organisation.  Our mission is to help the world learn about and utilize the nontoxic choice for immune system education, Homeoprophylaxis.  Because there are already many ways Homeoprophylaxis is being effectively used throughout the world, we do not espouse any single approach for this, nor will we promote any particular practitioner over another.  Rather, HPWWC is an “umbrella” organisation, where all practitioners can effectively “link arms” and be able to support each other and reach out further in their promotion of nontoxic HP.

For healthcare practitioners – homeopaths or other – to be listed here on HPWWC.org as a provider of homeoprophylactic services, you must have received recognized training in HP.  If you are desiring to be trained in the use of HP, we provide a source for obtaining this right here.  However, if you have already received training in HP and/or already utilize this in your practise, we ask that you provide us with some sort of verifiable documentation of your completed training in HP.

From the  inaugural 2015 Homeoprophylaxis Conference:

HPWWC  – Founding Members

So you will know a bit more “deeply” about what has brought HPWWC together, following are brief biographies of this organization’s founding and board members.

Dr. Cathy May Lemmon, PhD Hom, LCPH, BA, the founder and director of HPWWC, is passionate about the natural, whole healing art of homeopathy as well as the nontoxic immunization option, Homeoprophylaxis.  Seeing a rising demand for a nontoxic immunization alternative, Dr. Lemmon founded Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice (HPWWC) in 2015, to help educate the world about Homeoprophylaxis.  This website and international conferences are both a huge part of this effort.  The inaugural conference took place in Dallas, Texas in 2015.  The next conference took place in the Netherlands in 2017. And the third took place in New Delhi India in 2020.   Conferences will continue taking place and local work done until homeoprophylaxis is known and accepted as the viable and effective nontoxic immunization alternative it is.  It is Dr. Lemmon’s passion and drive to see this happen.

Dr. Lemmon received her PhD in Homeopathy (Homeoprophylaxis) through Bircham International University (Spain). She completed her postgraduate work at the College of Practical Homeopathy in London, and preliminary homeopathic training through the School of Homeopathy in the UK.  She studied Homeoprophylaxis with Dr. Isaac Golden of Australia and Dr. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy of Germany.  She also has certificates in the homeopathic treatment of vaccine damage, and, through the ARHF in the Netherlands, homeopathic answers to epidemics and trauma. She has also completed specialized homeopathic studies through Gesundes Bewußtsein in Germany.  She has also studied the fascinating chakra flower essences with Dr. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy in Germany, and utilizes these in her practise as well. 

Dr. Lemmon presents lectures, seminars, and webinars on homeopathic prophylaxis internationally and also teaches classes in beginning homeopathy.  

Dr. Lemmon has articles published in many international magazines, including Homeopathic Links, the German language homeopathic magazine, Surya, the Dutch homeopathic magazine, Dynamis, and the international online homeopathic magazine, HPathy.com.  She is a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (UK), the North American Society of Homeopath, and the Texas Society of Homeopathy.

​Dr. Lemmon has a wonderful husband whose accomplishments in the IT realm are to be greatly admired, as well as three wonderful grown children, each of whom she is also very proud.  And, of course, in her spare time, she plays her (French) horn, the piano, and takes care of the wonderful animals and garden on her small natural/organic farm.

HPWWC Executive Board members:

Dr. Cathy May Lemmon, PhD Hom – Founder/Director/Chair

Michelle Kirk, DC – Vice President

Rebeca Gracia, PharmD – Research Development

Jenna Dodge. CCH – Treasurer

Betsy Lehrfield, JD, Swankin & Turner – Legal Adviser