Ravi Roy

Dr. Ravi Roy, DHMS, was born into a homeopathic family in India.  He has over 40 years of experience in the field of homoeopathy. Under the tutelage of his renowned father, Dr. S. K. Roy, he started practicing homoeopathy at the age of 17 in the villages of India. At that early age, the experiences of treating some of the most severe diseases positively marked his life. He moved to Germany in 1976 to study the works of Hahnemann in their original language. In 1980 he offered the first comprehensive course in homoeopathy in German-speaking countries and since then has been teaching homoeopathy. His self-study course in Homoeopathy in the German language comprises over 3.500 pages and CD’s. In 2001, Dr. Roy founded *Surya*, a non-profit German language homoeopathic association, which among other things, publishes the journal, Surya, a German-language magazine that reaches tens of thousands of people in the German-speaking lands.  It is devoted to educating people about homeopathy and disease protection offered through this. He  has also directed the Asthanga Homoeopathic Project in India since 2005.  A charitable organization, this project works on many levels, educating about homeopathy and healing, promoting, and engaging in research regarding homeopathy, and helping the poor and needy.

Ravi is married to Carola Lage-Roy, Heilpraktikerin, homoeopath, and discoverer of the Chakra Flower Essences. Together they have written over 30 books on Homoeopathy, some translated into seven languages. Their two bestsellers, Homoeopathic Family Home-Care and Homoeopathic Travellers Guide, are also available in English.

 He and his wife, Carola, have given lectures and seminars throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, the Canary Islands, Namibia, Japan, Ecuador, Columbia, and the United States.