Dr. Cathy May Lemmon, founder of HPWWC, will be among the featured presenters at this global homeopathic summit. Please note the special deal offered below for registering for and attending
this tremendous event.

Classical homeopathy does not stand still.  The world is changing, and we cannot remain on the sidelines.

On November 2-4 we invite you to the Global Homeopathic Summit – Imponderables, Sarcodes and Evolution.

A grand immersion into the world of modern classical homeopathy awaits you.

World-famous homeopaths will share their stunning experience of using imponderable remedies and sarcodes in practice.

✅ Evolutionary homeopathic methods and approaches.
✅ A new look at classical homeopathy.
✅ Understanding the history of homeopathic medicine and how it relates to us today
✅ Provings of cosmic and imponderable terrestrial remedies.
✅ The need to use sarcodes and nosodes.
✅ Homeopathic remedies made from electricity and natural phenomena.
✅ Noetic remedies (obtained as a result of meditation) and ultrasound in homeopathy.

We will talk about all this online with homeopaths from around the world on November 2-4.

More detailed information about speakers, topics, and fees for this event (1 day or all 3 days) can be found on the website:


And there is more good news – we give 5% discount for all subscribers, by using the promotional code “RAD18” while registering

Follow the link to take part in the largest event in the world for homeopathy and holistic medicine.  We look forward to seeing you there!