Torako Yui

Dr. Torako Yui is the pioneer of homoeopathy in Japan.  In 1996, she began introducing homoeopathy on a full scale, bringing its blessings to the people of Japan. 

She has read many of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s books, including his Organon of Medicine, vol. 6; The Chronic Diseases; Materia Medica Pura; and Lesser Writings and, referring to his teachings over 10 years, she has been able to work with modern pathologies, including autism, with much success using her pioneering approach of Zen Homeopathy. 

She has been educating the people of Japan, having  developed an original support for this, including tinctures for developmental disorders such as autism, which is believed to be linked to vaccines. The improvement rate by Zen Homoeopathy is 91%. 

She also formulated a kit for homeoprophylaxis known as YOBO, and has written a guidebook for many people to practice homoeoprophylaxis by themselves. 

She has become convinced that the most important thing to keep in mind for prophylaxis is healthy mind and body.

Dr. Yui launched Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming, which is aimed at providing safe and secure food and restoring the natural ecosystem in Japan. She has applied homoeopathic principles to cultivation using home produced, non-GMO seeds and using only natural means of growing, which is contributing to everyone’s healthy life.