Details are beginning to emerge for the 2017 HP Conference in the Netherlands – the first one in Europe.

The time is NOW to be learning about and utilizing this nontoxic approach to disease prevention!

Homeoprophylaxis: The Worldwide Choice


Our Mission: Promoting the educating of the immune system against infectious and contagious diseases

Preparing NOW for the next international conference for the promotion and education of the world about the nontoxic alternative to vaccines, Homeoprophylaxis.

The time is NOW to be learning about this more than 200-year-old choice that has literally been benefitting millions of people worldwide.  As you will see, “HP” is well-researched, well-documented– and, as we proceed ever further into the Information Age, the demand for this is increasing at an exponential level.

Taking place in the Netherlands, our first conference in Europe, entitled Homeoprophylaxis: The Educated Choice, will not only present information and knowledge about HP and about the immune system as well as legal issues surrounding all of this, but, perhaps most importantly, the opportunity will be the opportunity for practitioners– homeopaths and other interested health care providers– to obtain training in Homeoprophylaxis so you will be able to begin offering this in your practises.

Additionally, trained practitioners will have the opportunity to join together as we link arms for the further promotion of Homeoprophylaxis.  This website, www.HPWWC.org, will be a place where you will be able to reach out to an ever growing population wanting this nontoxic and effective alternative.  Other opportunities to link arms in support of each other will be presented as well.

Homeoprophylaxis: The Educated Choice will be an unprecedented conference.  Plan now to attend this event!

Registration will be up and ready right here very soon.  Stay tuned as things develop– it is all coming together very rapidly!

Homeoprophylaxis: The Educated Choice

CONFERENCE DATES: 26-29 October, 2017

CONFERENCE LOCATION: just outside of Utrecht, Netherlands

Your copy of the inaugural event of 2015,

Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice

will be available very soon!